Mythic Ocean

Have you ever imagined being a companion of the gods? Coming to Mythic Ocean: Prologue, you will experience this feeling in the FREEMythic Ocean.

About game

Mythic Ocean: Prologue is the latest game built and released by Paralune LLC. Following the latest images in the game’s trailer, the world of gaming gamers can’t help but marvel at the marvelous universe brought by the publisher in its products. The game will officially be launched in 2020 and recently, the demo of Mythic Ocean: Prologue has been officially launched to meet the expectations and collect comments and feedback from the players.

Breakthrough point

The first thing to say in Mythic Ocean: Prologue is a completely fresh content. No one on this Earth has met the gods but coming to this game, players will become the companion, the supreme mentor of the gods in the quest to create a new world. You will become an influential person, dominating the god’s tendency to build the world. Which god will you prevail in the mission to create the shape of the world?

In terms of gameplay, the demo gives players almost the full features of the official version in 2020. FREEMythic Ocean is built in the direction of adventure exploring the open world combined with dialogue. It is these dialogues that will help you confirm your influence as well as play a key role in creating the world. Choose wisely!

The demo brings 3 branching storylines with unique conversations for players to get acquainted.

The visual and audio system provided by Paralune LLC is extremely excellent. Open world with oceanic environment besides the appearance of many charming females. Images of the gods (Amar, Lutral, Keri and Esti) are built close and extremely lovely. Melodious music makes players immersed in that space at any time.

How to Download

You can experience the demo of Mythic Ocean: Prologue by visiting the link at the end of the article and downloading the game. After extracting, the game is ready.


A new world is being opened. And do not hesitate to come and discover!

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