There are a few things that get you excited with Pilgrims – playful adventure game free download from Amanita Design. Keep reading our blog below.

About game

Pilgrims – playful adventure game free download is an easy and simple game. We can say that it is a must-play game for those who love playfulness and silliness. The combination of animative images, distinctive art, and original music will bring you an exciting adventure.

What is the Pilgrims game?

The Pilgrims is a new playful adventure game these days. Amanita Design, the maker of Machinarium and Samorost series, is “the father” this game. In Pilgrims, the players roam the land and complete different missions. There are no rules during the adventure, so you can use multiple items and make new friends with others. You also help your fellow travellers complete their little stories by your way.

In the game, your character is a traveller, and you would like to take a boat ride down the river. However, the owner of the boat has a requirement. You have to explore the map to find an elusive bird for him. In the playful adventure game, you also see many other characters, and you can help them by answering puzzles. After you solve their problem, some of them can join you. Playing cards represent the companions and items you gain. Therefore, you can use these cards in plenty of situations in Pilgrims.

There are forty-five achievements for you to hunt down in this game. So you can replay the game to find the left items and try new things.  If you missed a lot of details for the first time, you could find them again in the second one.

One more exciting thing about Pilgrims is unique animations. Faded images help you determine the goal to achieve. Take only 45 minutes; you can find explore and complete the missions to get out of the game.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, after scanning through our post, you can have an understanding of this game. For Pilgrims – Playful Adventure Game Free Download, you click the link below to get more details.

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