ICEBLOX PLUS is a mini game suitable for children developed by Psytronik. If your family has children, why not try ICEBLOX PLUS. Click here.


ICEBLOX PLUS is a C64 game produced by Karl Hörnell. You may not know, Karl Hörnell is a famous game maker for classics (such as Clean Up Service, Fungus and Velocipede). Your major duty is collecting as much gold coins as possible that are trapped in ice.

How to play

In ICEBLOX PLUS, you must control Pixel Pete and penguins to collect gold coins. and as mentioned above, they are completely hidden in the ice. Sounds simple, but no.

In the game, there will be monsters running around the screen and you need to push the ice blocks around to chase them away. When all the gold coins in the game have been collected, you will be transferred to another harder screen.

In addition to downloading PC games, the game is also available in physical floppy disks and tapes from the Binary Zone Interactive retro store.


  • Push the bricks to get gold coins
  • Play arcade-style smoothly
  • Smooth and polished graphics
  • Cute character
  • Compatible with C64 mini

System Requirements

Iceblox Plus is a mini game designed for Commodore 64. so you can easily play on the mini C64 or C43 emulator. In addition, you can also use real C64 hardware if you have the resources to do so. There are download files including .d64, .tap, .prg.

Final Thoughts

This is really a light entertainment game and easy to play for children in their spare time. Iceblox Plus can stimulate a child’s imagination and intelligence through how to break the ice and get gold coins. All are very interesting and require agility.

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