Rose of Starcross

Have time and you want to play a low capacity game? Try Rose of Starcross, a story driven RPG with a rescue mission. CLICK to find out more about this game.

About game

Rose of Starcross is a story driven RPG inspired by Zelda (similar to the Mario role-playing game). Starcross was destroyed by a strange phenomenon 300 years ago. It was the cause of many people’s deaths.

Besides, that catastrophic event also led to the rise of the Undead and the Evil Lord. Starcross characters are in a very crisis situation and need rescue. What would you do now.

How to install Rose of Starcross

  • Download the ZIP file
  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Open ‘Roses of Starcross Demo’

Note: You should not start the game from the desktop application because an error causes the final scene to be locked.

How to play

Your mission is to join the adventure to Queen of Heaven. The great flood brought her sealed behind the door after saving Starcross. But the challenge has not just yet begun.

You can also see all unique settings through adventure. Besides, the adventure also gives you new friends. Rose of Starcross is modeled in a 3D environment that allows you to create diverse backgrounds and options.

Fight off enemies at the right time and small tricks based on the magic you are using. That’s what you need to do. In addition, protecting yourself is also a necessity. You can use omnidirectional interception, jump and dodge to protect yourself. We wish you good luck!


We wish you a happy and energetic day with Rose of Starcross. With easy download and low capacity, this is a game worth playing for you when you are idle.

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Rose of Starcross Demo Version
Rose of Starcross Demo Version