Power of Ten

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the solar system? Now you can! CLICK HERE to learn and play Power of Ten, a mini-game that features space exploration!

About game

Nothing can beat an exciting adventure around the solar system, one of humanity’s biggest mystery that’s full of stars, nebulas, galaxies, and black holes.

Considered as a well-crafted game that includes many aspects of space, Power of Ten is a space shooter game that combines action RPG and exploration into one.

In this article, you’ll find out all the necessary information about the Power of Ten as well as learn about the exciting features that the game has to offer!


Many stimulating factors make it a must-have in your gaming library. As you roam around the interstellar wonders and the billions of rich crafted star systems, you’ll also be confronted by the dark terrors that lie within them.

When traveling around the solar system, you can gather weapons and resources and use it to upgrade your items or trade with other pilots. Additionally, there are many cool ships, rockets, and weapons for you to upgrade and use in combat when fighting with enemies.

The game has many modes, including a final showdown mode which allows you to set up defenses to defeat the fleet, driving them out of the region for good.

How to play

The controls are relatively straightforward.

  • Use W, A, S and, D or the arrow keys to navigate around.
  • To increase or decrease the speed of the ship, use W/S key or down/up arrow.
  • Use the mouse cursor to determine the direction that you ship flies.
  • Press enter to interact with items or other pilots.


The Power of Ten is downloadable mini game on Windows and macOS devices and has the perfect balance between action and exploration. Mostly based around three pillars of survival, exploration, and gathering resources, you’ll have no problem spending hours to advance in the game and improve your equipment by collecting and trading items with other pilots.

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