Bot Land

You are a big fan of strategy games such as Chess Rush or Dota Underlords. Have you heard about the Bot Land game? If not, click here to dig into our sharings about Bot Land – strategy games.

About game

In Bot Land strategy games, the player has to create bots and adjust their behavior. After that, you send bots into combat battles to compete with other gamers. Also, you must create scripts for the bots to control them and test their ability in various strategies.


All bots in strategy games operate according to the scripts. Hence, they will act and fight automatically according to available command, and you don’t need to control them mid-battle. It means that bots still fight when you’re offline and they will protect your CPU from competitors’ attacks.

The Replay feature in Bot Land allows you to play levels again to achieve better results. Your competitors can bypass bots to focus on destroying your CPU while your bots are busy calculating prime numbers in a billion digits. Make use of the information you get for the next battle.

After upgrading the defense successfully, you can attack someone else’s CPU. Try building your strategy relating to Landmines, Teleportation, or other Bolded Words. After all, you will find the perfect attack method for your bot army.

Bots of your opponent are modern and equipped with cannons and shields. Therefore, teleport behind them, distract one meme, and attack them with metal fists from the back. And you are the winner. Your reward is Botcoin – the virtual currency in Bot Land game. Use this currency to buy new items, build strategies, etc. and get ready for more significant battles! It is great fun.


If you are interested in this game, link to Bot Land – The game for you Free Download right here: We hope that you have a relaxed time with this game.

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