Arietta of Spirits

Suddenly having the ability to see mysterious creatures, what will you do? Follow Arietta with her special powers in Arietta of Spirits Mini games.

About game

Did you feel a little “fed up” with PUBG, League of Legends, FIFA 20 or many other games that own the “heavy” graphics system and want to find something a bit vintage? Arietta of Spirits will be a retro game that meets your needs. As a product built and released by Third Spirit, this game promises to become a highlight of the gaming world in 2020 (when it is officially launched).

Breakthrough point

Although only in Beta, in this release Third Spirit has helped players have the most basic image of Arietta of Spirits.

The gameplay of Arietta of Spirits has a few similarities to the legendary Zelda game that was broadcast years ago. The game has very distinctive features of the role-playing game series with content built quite interesting. The creative narrative is another strong point of this Third Spirit’s production. Players will play the role of Arietta on a trip to a remote island to visit the log cabin of her grandmother, who died more than a year ago. It would be nothing special for this 13-year-old girl if she didn’t meet a mysterious friend who gave her the power to see souls.

Revolves around the administrative exploration of the Spirit Realm, the game attracts players with the classic hash and slash style in real-time. Players will discover the island’s dark secrets with murky forests, seemingly endless caves. You will be fighting with countless types of monsters to complete the task as well as help new friends.

The Beta version of Arietta of Spirits Mini games takes about 1 hour to complete. But that was enough for the player to be caught in its gentle and bright pixel art animation. The sound system is vivid enough for you to experience the most outstanding features of the official version.

How to Download

You can download and experience Arietta of Spirits completely free under the link attached at the end of the article.


A brave little girl. Will you help Arietta complete your journey?

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