The Sigil

Have some free time and want to play a neat game? Try playing The Sigil, a game set in the narrative of a child! CLICK to find out more about this game!

About game

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to picture things in the shoes of a child’s mind? Knowing that children have vivid and creative imaginations when it comes to visuals, what would you imagine it be like?

As an entertaining story-driven combat game that’s set in the perspective of a child’s imagination, you get to explore and relive the past as the main character when playing The Sigil.

In this article, you get to learn all about the premises of the game as well as the exciting features that the game offers, so continue reading to find out!


You get to play the game as the main character, going on an exhilarating journey by delving into the child’s psyche and past. You’ll be faced with good and bad aspects, uncovering all about him. As a fresh and new gaming style, you get to fight ninjas using guerilla tactics, throwable daggers, and smoke bombs while experiencing an entertaining storyline throughout the game.

The game features many modes, including a story-mode and a versus mode that supports up to four players where you can play with your friends or family in a competitive free-for-all style combat.

How to play

The controls of this game are like most standard combat games.

  • Use W, A, S, or D key to move.
  • Press the S key to crouch down
  • Use the mouse to select items or directions


The Sigil game is downloadable on Windows. Bearing a perfect balance between combat and creativity, you’ll be blown away by the colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay as you fight with ninjas. As a game set in the mind of a child, it’s an interesting and new perspective for you to try and experience playing.

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