World Class Solitaire HD

World Class Solitaire HD is like a new breeze blowing into the card-game type.

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In the World Class Solitaire HD game, you will arrange your cards in descending order, alternating fit colors, and kings can be moved to any empty spots. Also, you will pull cards from the draw pile that flips three cards at a time, and cycle through it as many times as you want without no penalty.

Besides, you also have to keep an eye on Bonus Cards. There are dozens of types, each providing different perks or significant power-ups. You can grab a useful point multiplier to up your point, or helpful power-ups such as Shuffle, Peek or Grab.

All cards and shuffles arrangements are random. So, you can begin a New Game, in case you run out of moves and cannot finish up the level. You will get deserve scores for your efforts. If you are in a Challenge, any progress will still be accepted.

While playing this brilliant card game, just dream yourself up an exciting adventure to the Himalayas or a charming vacation to Tahiti. And to win, you must relocate the whole cards into the four foundation stacks.

There are some practical tips and tricks for the World Class Solitaire HD’s players as follows:

Power-ups: by finding Bonus Cards, you can gather power-ups in each game. As soon as you obtain a power-up, you will see a button appear for it. The power-up can not remove to your subsequent game. So, use it or lose it!

Shuffle: it disturbs all the cards in the draw deck. This Shuffle Power-up is potentially to unlock new and unique moves in case you run out.

Peek: it provides you all the face-down cards that allow you to strategize and make the ahead plan.

Grab: it enables you to move a card from anywhere in-game to your foundation stack.

Note: You will earn a Perfect Game bonus if you finish up a game without utilizing any power-ups.

So, what are you waiting for without trying to play this card game right away? Check it out via the attacked link: