Solitaire Garden

If you look for a free of a relaxing card game for your break, try to play Solitaire Garden, Pogo’s relaxing new twist on solitaire. Gather gorgeous decorations to spruce up your garden, and immerse yourself into this beautiful world.

This card game allows you to create your way through diverse solitaire layouts to explore new and stunning gardens. Plus, it enables you to cultivate the essential tools to make things rise and bloom, plant your new garden items and make it your own.

So, how to play Solitaire Garden?

Playing Solitaire maybe simple but very challenging. With the features in the this new version, you’ve got:

Garden Progression: each flower represents a new card layout. You can come back to that square whenever you want.

Basic gameplay: you can press on any cards in the playing area. It can be lower or higher than the matching pile.

Multiplier Card: seek the multiplier card to increase your point on every next match.

Watering Can and Thirsty Plant Cards: Several thirsty plant cards require additional water and love to open them. Such plant cards will be unlocked as soon as the whole of the watering cans has been matched.

Flower Power: when matching a card without applying the draw pile, this leads to adding your Flower Power Meter. Specifically, a 5-card streak will give you a 2x score multiplier, a 10-card steak will get a 3x score multiplier, and a 15-card streak will earn a bonus of 5000 points.

Vines: In case you find out a card with vines rise in your garden, you need to match that card two times, consisting of removing the vine and getting rid of the card.

Shovels and Dirt Pile Cards: You have a duty to clean dirt masses to make space for the garden of yours. So, you just mix all of the shovel cards to get rid of the grime card blockers.

Stars: They are based on your current point, how precisely you press on every single card, as well as how many cards are left in your draw pile.