Canasta HD

Canasta, a card-craze boom, was devised by Alberto Serrato and Segundo Santos. The card game is suitable for any ages. It requires you to have skills, including tactics and strategy.

Canasta HD pogo game play free

Come to Canasta, and you will have the opportunity to experience fabulous stuff as follows:

  • Customize your table with your best-loved Canasta options
  • Play with 104 cards and 4 jokers for multitudes of Canasta possibilities
  • Play with 1-4 players or against computer opponents

Some rules of the classic Canasta include:

  • If a rank is melded, it must consist of at least three cards on the table
  • You can add a wildcard to a column of cards of any rank on the table. This wildcard is considered a card of that rank then.
  • In the beginning, the system automatically turns around and moves the top card of the stock on the discard pile. In case this card is a wildcard or a Red Three, the system will rerepeat the process until the top card of the discard pile does not appear these cards anymore.
  • After ending a hand to move to a new one, if they contain a Red Three one, it is then automatically melded, and an extra card is solved to the hand out of which it came
  • You can freeze the discard pile by eliminating a wildcard or Red Three
  • If you have got the discard pile yet find out that you can’t utilize the top card, you can restore the pile by clicking on it. However, you will be penalized 50 points
  • If the top card is a Black Three, Red Three or a wildcard, you are never allowed to take the discard pile
  • The first time you meld cards in a hand, the total of their value must be at least an absolute minimum depending on your points
  • In case you only have one card in your hand, it is never allowed to get a discard pile containing one card
  • Depending on the ‘Canastas needed to go out’ setting, you can go out when you have at least one or two canastas

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