Quinn’s Aquarium

Pogo Quinn’s Aquarium is a puzzle game with classic gameplay. By putting the pieces together properly, you can win a lot of gifts through the game screen. A special feature of the game is that the story of the Quinn sisters will be revealed gradually by your friends completing the pieces and making them disappear. Many gifts in the final round are waiting for you when you complete the goal of the game.

Quinn's Aquarium pogo game play free


Come to Quinn’s Aquarium, and you will have the opportunity to experience fabulous stuff as follows:

  • Experience complex mahjong puzzles with your wits.
  • Attract crowds by building exhibits.
  • Build a house for happy fish.
  • Many bricks are waiting for you to arrange and rewards to the winners in the challenge round.
  • Join the exciting story of the Quinn Sisters and experience new levels.


Some rules of the Quinn’s Aquarium include:

  • Quinn’s Aquarium gives you access to exhibitions with 180 different levels and they all fit into the story of the Quinn Sisters.
  • Each of the 180 levels has a brick layout with mahjong playing errors. You can delete bricks by making them fit together.
  • In Quinn Aquarium, any cells you click will move to a blank Freecell. You need to find the appropriate cell to delete Freecell if you want.
  • For cells that are stacked directly on top of each other or next to each other, you can eliminate them by using Freecell logically.
  • Shell tiles are what you got when you start a new level. You can transplant replacement bricks and existing bricks in a reasonable layout. Shell tiles have a total of six sets, and they appear at every level you gain. We encourage you to combine tiles effectively to get all 6 sets.
  • Ranking can take place if you collect enough Shell Shell bricks.
  • After each level, you can win some Sand Dollars. They can also be collected more by collecting Shell tiles and playing on challenging levels. Sand Dollars can also be purchased with Pogo Gems.
  • Restoring the exhibits is one of the things you need to do. With an exclamation mark next to To-Do List, you can use progress tokens or Sand Dollars to rank up.

Are you ready to play this puzzle game? Check it out via the attacked link:  https://www.pogo.com/games/quinns-aquarium-mahjong