The Mahjong Huntress

Click here for The Mahjong Huntress Games Free Download, you will become a talented detective. Resolve all tasks in Puzzle games to find out the missing groom. Let’s check it out!

The Mahjong Huntress game free download

The Mahjong Huntress Games

The Mahjong Huntress Games free download

In the Mahjong Huntress free download, the players have a great quest. It is to embark on a difficult task in finding out Charles Gilbertworth – the missing groom. You must solve puzzles, meet many supernatural creatures and ghosts. All Mahjong Games puzzles are relaxing, fun, and very creative.

Specifically, Mary Elisabeth Riley will get married to Charles Gilbertworth on her 21st birthday. But it is a reluctant wedding as the marriage is arranged.

Right before the Wed, the groom disappears suddenly in her family’s mansion. It will be a big problem if you could not find sir Charles.

In this Puzzle games, you have to:

  • Complete nearly 300 levels in which there are 200+ unique Mystery Challenges.
  • Search for many clues to find the missing groom.
  • In the investigation, you defeat all supernatural creatures and ghosts that you meet in the Match-3 game.
  • There are six mysterious locations for exploring.
  • Some supportive items give power so that you complete the quests.
  • Try to get high scores and complete special tasks to unlock the Trophies.

Access this link download for The Mahjong Huntress Games Free Download.

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