World’s Greatest Places Mahjong

As a game fitting for both beginner and advanced players, Mahjong is a tile-based game played in China and slowly spread around the world. World’s Greatest Places Mahjong is an exciting game that’s easy to play and will surely become your favorite puzzle game once you start playing.

About game

It’s a free-to-play Mahjong game that incorporates the aspect of travelling. I mean, what better way to explore the breath-taking places around the world while playing a game of Mahjong?

With many locations to visit around the world, you can embark on an exhilarating adventure to some of the most beautiful places while playing your favourite Mahjong game.

The game has over 240 different layouts and backdrops such as the Roman Colleseum, Taj Mahal and other significant sites. To make your game more interesting, you can combine power-up tiles, use hints, and shuffle tiles.

As a game that requires skills such as strategic thinking, calculation, and luck, get World’s Greatest Places Mahjong free download to have a great time.


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