Mahjong World Contest

If you consider yourself a Mahjong professional, then why bother sitting on the sidelines and wasting your potential when you can start playing in competitions. What can be more exciting than getting invited to take part in the biggest Mahjong game world tournament?

About game

As a popular game in China that consists of a set of tiles, it’s a relatively simple game to play. Once you get the hang of Mahjong, you’ll become addicted. With many opportunities to practice and chances to earn points, start playing and obtain the title as the Mahjong master.

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Although placed at the very bottom, you can slowly work your way up the leaderboard by winning and completing the myriad of boards. When starting the game, the tiles will be automatically set up and dealt to each player. While immersed in the world of Mahjong, you’ll get to challenge yourself with over 100 different levels of tile-matching and try to improve your rank.


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