Mahjong Secrets

Who doesn’t enjoy some puzzle games and tame the beast? A mix and match game with a taste of adventurous. Mahjong Secrets free download is here.

About game

You may be familiar with Mahjong games. It is undoubtedly an addictive type of experience, but it can also become boring faster than a speeding bullet. At the end of the day, the basic Mahjong is just matching two identical tiles together, forever. That’s when Mahong Secrets comes into the picture.

This edition of Mahjong has not only more than 100 layouts to play with but also a mystery to unravel. A quest to find a long-lost twin sister filled with puzzles and challenges that ignites your brain and your conquesting desire.

A sneak peek of the game

Engaging is one of the main appeals of the game. The quests, hidden scenes, and bonus games are spread strategically to keep your excitement going. Royalty is also a key in this version. The elite atmosphere and color scheme works so well together that sucks you into the story and gameplay.

And you know what the best part of Mahjong Secret is? It’s completely free to play. You can find Mahjong Secrets free download here.


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