Love’s Power Mahjong

Opt for Love’s Power Mahjong Games free download. It is the smooth combination of Puzzle games and Mahjong tile-matching gameplay.

Love's Power Mahjong free games

About game

In this exciting Mahjong Games, you will experience all 16 mini challenging games. It contains many tricky puzzles and beautiful hidden object scenes. The game never stops surprising you.

Love’s Power Mahjong has three different types, in simple or adventure mode. You have to use your Mahjong skills to pass challenges and save Ariel’s fiancé – Tarlan. The evil wizard Cornwall stole him on the wedding day. Travel to the Country of Four Seasons where Tarlan has been taken into to save him. You will meet a whole cast of crazy characters on an exciting journey. Also, you have the chance to discover the world of Love’s Power Mahjong.

Why is Love’s Power Mahjong free download popular? Because:

  • The combination of Mahjong Games, puzzles, and a pleasant fairy-tale theme.
  • All hand-drawn graphics are pretty and nicely done.
  • Beautiful background scenes create nice atmosphere.
  • There are four seasons in the game. And you encounter plenty of interesting characters.
  • A happy ending for the main characters.

If you are looking for a game that helps you feel relax after a long day, Love’s Power Mahjong Games is perfect.


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