Jewel Match Royale

A gardener, a princess, and a forbidden love. All the ingredients you need for a classic love story in Jewel Match Royale – Games free download of Mahjong Games version.

Jewel Match Royale game free

A level in Jewel Match Royale – Games Free Download

About game

Jewel Match Royale tells the story of a gardener – Matthew, who falls in love with a beautiful Princess Sofia. However, due to being far from noble, they can’t marry. To prove his love, Matthew travels to other places to find and gather many precious gems.

Therefore, the main mission of players in this game is to help Matthew pass vast levels, finding gems. The adventure does not stop there. You have to use all the items you gathered to restore castles. You can use additional resources to decorate your castle. With the completion of each mission, you help Matthew get a higher noble status – Duke. And his dream will soon come true.

Some features of Jewel Match Royale free download – Puzzle games category:

  • It includes 120 vast levels, and the players have to pass all of them.
  • There are three main play mods in the game; they are timed, relaxed, and moves limited.
  • You can replay 54 bonus game, containing Mahjong Games.
  • From Royal Shoppe, you purchase seven unique power-ups to help you complete missions.
  • Gorgeous and beautiful scenes.
  • The soothing soundtrack also enables you to relax when playing the game.

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