Greatest Cities Mahjong

After a long day of work, what can be better than playing a fun game of classic Mahjong in the very comfort of your own home?

About game

What makes Greatest Cities Mahjong better is that you can relax and explore the world at the same time. While embarking on an exhilarating journey around the world with Mahjong, you get to experience the different melodic music, scenery, and fascinating facts that’ll keep you entertained.

With over 140 different layouts and seven different gameplay variations, Greatest Cities Mahjong is the perfect exploration and puzzle game, made just for you!

To learn more about the free gaming features of Greatest Cities Mahjong and explore the world, continue reading!

The gameplay of this game is like any other standard Mahjong game. As a skill and strategy-based game that involves precise calculations, your goal is to get Mahjong, which means getting 14 of your tiles into sets and one pair.

Many people all around the world love playing Mahjong because it can help improve cognitive development. But other than that, it’s also a fun and entertaining game that you can spend hours playing.


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