Friday Night Funkin x Red Full Week

Friday Night Funkin x Red Full Week – Battle with the mischievous cat!

FNF x Red Full Week just has one, but it has a lot of extras. This mod will teach you everything there is to know about FNF. That’s a terrifying thought!

About game

Friday Night Funkin x Red Full Week is a horror-dance hybrid mod game. As a result of this mod, you will confront more opponents. Furthermore, as a result of this enhancement, you will be able to listen to new catchy music. More music may be available on our website as well. That is where you will polish your skills and prepare for the next battle at Friday Night Funkin.

In this one-of-a-kind edition, the primary character, who will be your direct opponent, will be a ferocious foe with the look of a wise cat. He possesses a unique talent, therefore if you want to win convincingly, you must focus and prepare well before engaging in actual battle.

That will be the finest character we have in any game for you. This KBH Games also has several new backdrops. They will significantly enhance your game. All you have to do is go to the Friday Night Funkin Mods main website and install those.

This update includes several fantastic game modes that will allow you to rapidly become acquainted with the new features of Friday Night Funkin x Red Full Week. It will be an excellent tool for you to hone your skills.

Mod Credit:

  • 4N03: Animator, musician, coder
  • Barry*s_Art_Studio: Sprite Creator
  • Optimized for Chromebook.


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