Friday Night Funkin V.S. Flexy & Merchant

Friday Night Funkin V.S. Flexy & Merchant- The Perfectly Fun Upgrade!

FNF V.S. Flexy & Merchant that combines a fun musical game with a program that helps young people learn to code. Kenny will be your adversary.

About game

Friday Night Funkin V.S. Flexy & Merchant brings you to the next chapter of the famous music game Friday Night Funkin. In this mod, you will assist Boyfriend in his battle with Kenny from South Park on the dance floor. This Kenny guy has a poor chance of winning the heart of a gorgeous girl. Despite the fact that he died in one episode, he will be seen again shortly due to popular demand.

The characters in these Friday Night Funkin Mods will take you back to your childhood. Friday Night Funkin V.S. Flexy & Merchant will compete in four entertaining songs: Chips, Hot, Dog, Burger, and Pizza. Good luck and have fun!

According to the mod’s author, the Friday Night Funkin V.S. Flexy & Merchant mod is not large. As a result, players may rapidly download the mod on their device by following the basic steps provided by the creator on the KBH Games website. The mod will be saved on your device and will be available for usage at any time.



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