FNF vs YTP Invasion (Weegee V4)

FNF vs YTP Invasion (Weegee V4) – Advanced Modified Mod!

Friday Night Funkinvs YTP Invasion pits the Mario world against the FNF music universe. Luigi is the Mario planet’s ambassador.

About game

FNF vs YTP Invasion (Weegee V4) is recognized as one of the greatest modifications in the Friday Night Funkin series. Because it is the ideal union of two cultures, This time, you’ll temporarily forget about the persona BF and take on the role of Luigi to face the powerful hero of FNF Online, Daddy Dearest. Numerous people are excited about the fighting in this mod.

Not only is it a fantastic match, but the FNF vs YTP Invasion (Weegee V4) mod’s appearance and performance are also outstanding. The fight is ingeniously structured, taking place immediately on a well-known arena that every player is comfortable with, and the characters are meticulously crafted, particularly Luigi, who is constructed in 3D. And the music is great and intense, adding to the intensity of the conflict.

The designers have put in a lot of effort and time to create a fantastic mod for Friday Night Funkin Mods players. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about the quality of FNF vs YTP Invasion (Weegee V4). You only need to download the mod from the KBH Games website and have as much fun as possible with it. It will make your day brighter and fill us with great joy.


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