FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist)

FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) – A robot that can rap!

Friday Night Funkin vs SYNTECH is a new mod of the new character in the fun FNF music game. With new characters will give you more interesting experiences.

About game

FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) will let you show off your musical abilities with a completely new character and this is the character’s first appearance in Friday Night Funkin. It was a robot called a virtual singer and he had great musical talent. Can you defeat this new character with your skills in this mod of FNF Mods?

The FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) mod has been developed for a long time, so its quality is excellent and runs very smoothly. The user interface of the mod is quite good and the battle scene is designed in a very modern way. This battle is experienced 3 times, equivalent to 3 extremely exciting songs.

FNF vs SYNTECH (Virtual Vocalist) is unique in that it is compatible with many popular operating systems, allowing you to easily download and install it on your device by accessing FNF Online. Besides, the designers are ready to answer all your questions about the mod. After completing this mod, you will be introduced to more special new mods.

Mod Credits:

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