FNF vs Renarso

FNF vs Renarso. The plot revolves around an accidental encounter between Boyfriend and Girlfriend while escorting Renarso. He’s a shadow agent out to harm BF and GF.

About game

FNF vs Renarso may offer you a distinct feeling than other changes in FNF Mods since it will give you a different viewpoint on the new environment. Furthermore, the mod’s design is really professional. It has a lovely UI, adjusts to the progress of the conflict, realistic characters, and the ability to alter the status after each song.

Because FNF vs Renarso is the first mod for the character Renarso, there will be a small combat accompanied by three strong songs: Fan, Crazy, and Corrupt. However, there will be many exciting changes involving songs and characters in the author’s future development. Furthermore, Friday Night Funkin Mods make a big influence since the transition or motion is very seamless and professional.

The makers of Friday Night Funkin have been able to produce something fresh and distinctive for gamers. FNF vs Renarso is a testament to the contrast and freshness. Do you want to start something different? For further information and download methods, go to KBH Games. The mod is ready for you to have a fantastic time with only a few clicks.

Mod Credits

Vs. Renarso

Friday Night Funkin’

FPS Plus


  • KadeDev – Occasional code advice. (Sometime I don’t listen though…)
  • GWebDev – Haxeflixel Video
  • Ethab Taxi – He’s just sorta chillin’.


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