FNF vs Mario Ultra Rebooted

FNF vs Mario Ultra Rebooted – Mario and FNF combine to create a new and exciting mod!

Friday Night Funkin vs Mario Ultra Rebooted is a dancing game that blends Friday Night Funkin with the traditional Mario game. This mod was recently updated.

About game

FNF vs Mario Ultra Rebooted is the most popular Friday Night Funkin mod right now. Even more so with a fun music selection for you to enjoy, we invite you to face these renowned video game heroes over the countless tracks accessible at The game’s website is ready for you.

In Friday Night Funkin Online developments, catchy music with a wonderful tone is also crucial. These songs are entirely new in FNF vs Mario Ultra Rebooted, yet you may recognize them from the Mario game. Everything in the version, from the avatar to the graphical interface, has been meticulously crafted by the designer.

With the designer’s permission, you may now download and install the FNF vs Mario Ultra Rebooted mod from the FNF Modswebsite. Simply follow the steps outlined on the author’s website. Take use of it to the maximum in order to have a wonderful time this weekend!

Original Waluigi Mod Credits:

  • Swizik: Programmer/Animator
  • codist: Programmer
  • HowToAvenge101: Composer (voices)/Voices/Charting
  • YoshiSuperstar: Artist/Animator/Composer
  • NintBros: Charter

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