FNF vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 (Fan-Made)

FNF vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 (Fan-Made) – Fighting BF’s Ex-Girlfriend!

Friday Night Funkin vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 is a mod that introduces you to a special character who is BF’s ex-girlfriend. That girl is Ayana and the one fighting in this mod.

About game

FNF vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 (Fan-Made) is one of the best fan-made versions of the Friday Night Funkin music game. The mod has a very thrilling storyline, met a few new characters, and listened to brand new songs. The above good things will rarely appear in a fan-made mod in Friday Night Funkin Mods.

All images, interfaces, and sounds in the FNF vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 mod are great, the characters are designed to be more mature, no longer as a kid. Especially this fight happened in a unique place that is on the roof of a luxury limo. Two songs in the mod are also created by fans, Old Love and Pretty Please, they have great tunes.

According to the author of the mod FNF vs Ex-GF Ayana 2 (Fan-Made), this mod has a rather small capacity, so gamers can more easily download this mod to their device. By following the basic instructions of the author on the KBH Games website. For the best experience, players can experience the desktop game Friday Night Funkin.

Mod Credits:

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Original Mod Credit:

Original FNF Credit:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the GitHub source.


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