FNF: Maid of Fire

FNF: Maid of Fire – A fast-paced song!

Friday Night Funkin: Maid of Fire is a version created thanks to an extremely popular song, known by many people. The mod is known for having a great song.

About game

FNF: Maid of Fire gives you yet another special chance to get your rap battle done with a special song at Friday Night Funkin Mods. The author has incorporated additional improvements to give players a better experience. And you will be satisfied with this mod of FNF Online due to the improved components included in the mod.

The location and scenario of the battle taking place in the FNF: Maid of Fire mod is set in a familiar setting of a traditional arena. Not only that the song in this mod is the highlight and it will make it more difficult for you to pass the mod. Does your skill help BF win the character in this mod of FNF Online?

With his return, the battle in the FNF: Maid of Fire mod will be extremely special with the participation of the song. This clash is famous among the players of Friday Night Funkin. You will be introduced to more interesting modifications after playing through this mod in KBH games.

Original FNF Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • Kade Dev – Kade Engine
  • AND everyone that contributed to the github source.


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