Alice’s Magical Mahjong

If you’re a lover of fairy tales and Mahjong games, then you’ll fall in love with this exciting game. You get to join Alice from the classic Alice in Wonderland story and go through your imaginative Mahjong adventure with her.

About game

As you slowly head down the rabbit hole with Alice, you’re going to be shocked by the surprising elements of the game and the quirky new friends that you’ll meet. Remember to say hi to the Mad hatter, the colourful caterpillar, and the white rabbit when stepping into the enchanting world of Alice’s Magical Mahjong!

What makes this game great is the customizable layout that you can create and share with friends. Apart from the fun Mahjong games, there are also other mini-games such as find the hidden object that you can play when wanting a break from Mahjong.

With so many colourful and detailed graphics, you’ll never get tired of playing this puzzle game. Including over 175 challenging Mahjong levels for you to play, get the Alice’s Magical Mahjong free download now!


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