The Splitting: Chapter 3

The Splitting: Chapter 3 is a fantastic and imaginative puzzle platformer with attractive pixel art aesthetics and a rather big tale.

About game

The Splitting: Chapter 3 is a game where you will have to push and shift boxes for those who are too busy to do so (anything pays better, right?). When you arrive on campus from your first day, you are met by your boss, who urges you to go to work as soon as possible, and thus begin your day by switching boxes to begin your journey around the complex. Unlike other Puzzle Games, you’ll come across best pieces that could allow you to enter the following room(s), and some of these best pieces are more difficult to obtain than you may imagine. So, after a long day of labor, you eventually discover the complex’s supervisor, Dr. Stein, who has been overjoyed to see you.

The Splitting: Chapter 3 wonderfully includes two important genres, leaving you wanting to know where you had got to sleep long or even what Wiess was up to. Can users solve the difficulties in order to discover the truth? We’d highly recommend installing Puzzle Playground on your PC to find out!

Thanks to the creator, the game is now available from The Splitting: Chapter 3 Online. These fantastic Puzzle Games, along with the entire series of The Splitting, seems to be a good story. Please play this game to understand so much about the odd properties of it like the update.