The Impossible Quiz

Do you think you are smart enough to beat all the impossible quiz answers in puzzle games? If so, try to solve difficult questions in The Impossible Quiz game!

About game

Since its first introduction, The Impossible Quiz has been one of the most famous puzzle games. When it comes to this game, it is not only about questions and answers, but you can also find many more things.

During the game, you have to struggle to pass a question or task by clicking the only right answer from four provided choices. Nonetheless, it is not so straightforward as it may sound at first. A lot of the questions have dual meanings as well as hidden tricks and puns. To answer them, you will need to have a big brain and the ability to read between the line.

Fortunately, you have some little advantages. Although there is no checkpoint and you have to come over 100 challenging questions consecutively, you have three lives to lose.

Besides, if you can answer a specific number of questions correctly, you will have the chance to receive Skips. With them, you can skip questions that you do not know the right answer. However, there are only seven Skips throughout the game, so you had better save them for the last questions.

Furthermore, pay attention to bombs on particular questions. These questions come with a time bomb that will explode after 1-11 seconds. If you cannot answer before it explodes, you will immediately end up Game Over.

Currently, all 110 of the impossible quiz answers are available on the Internet, but you should only read them after you have played the game. It will not be fun if you know all of them before you try your best to brainstorm.

If you are self-confident enough, go to this link and prove you are right!