Tetris Mania

Tetris Mania is a puzzle game available in the Microsoft Market for portable devices by EA Mobile. Tetris Mania possesses all of the characteristics of a good contender in the Tetris series.

About game

Tetris Mania is divided into 40 levels, with each stage requiring you to execute easy but not too simple tasks. You can, for example, score fifty or five hundred points or create multiple rows of cubes without gaps. Because the game has a time constraint, you must complete all tasks as rapidly as possible.

The problem is that the numbers are presented in three parts, and in order for the next part to appear, you must first use those portions. It is not permitted to leave no empty space in the field where the block can be put. Otherwise, the player will be lost and would have to restart the level.

Overall, Tetris Mania Online incorporates all of the primary aspects from the traditional game while also adding a few more touches to keep you from becoming bored with it too fast. Simply go to Tetris Games to get more activities on this theme.


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