Tetris 2 Player Online

Tetris 2 Player Online is an available internet game that can be played in current browsers. Tetris 2 Player Online belongs to the subject Nervous system.

About game

Tetris 2 Player Online is a version of the country’s most successful platform game, designed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, that can now be played by two people. In a classic Tetris game, you play as a defense, attempting to put blocks appropriately while being alive for as long as necessary. This two-player version lets you choose between maintaining (as a human or AI) and assaulting (picking blocks as a human, AI, or randomly). You may even alter them while playing. If you like this game, you might also like Tetris Online.

In the game, your aim is to clear white lines of Blocks and score as many views as possible. Try to clear as many lines as possible by rotating, moving, and placing the blocks carefully. You have the option of playing against the AI or inviting a buddy to join you in the game. Now you can play Tetris 2 Player Tetris Online! There’s no need to register!

This game is getting 25222 plays, with 56 percent of players voting it up. Tetris 2 Player is built with HTML5 technologies and is available on both Desktop and mobile web. Tetris Games offers a free online form of the program.


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