Stranded Island

Stranded Island is a brief and pleasantly surprising game. They designed this game for the website as a lighthearted remark on the shortness and absurdity of life.

About game

Stranded Island is a cinematic action game in which you play as a seasoned four different mutant smuggler. You make a livelihood by tracking down this same universe’s most violent offenders, yet it appears like you’re looking for something and then seeking vengeance. You must run or you will be eaten by zombies.

Stranded Island is a visually attractive game with incredibly quickly explosive side scrolling gameplay and intriguing fighting. There are instances when the fighting doesn’t seem as smooth as it should, but that’s likely to change when you gain additional improvements in the full game. It’s really satisfying to successfully pull off a counter, and that third elbow is utilized in some inventive ways along. It comes highly recommended.

The game is already released on Stranded Island Online, thanks to the inventor. These excellent Simulation Games, as well as the full game, appear to be a decent plot. Please play games to learn more about its strange qualities, such as the update.