Statistica is game with about equal weight given to both features, such as the possibility of a considerable challenge during learning.

About game

Statistica is truly a girl, not stated or stressed, but it provides for an unique aesthetic aspect and guarantees that a sense of magic is sustained and at its most modest. It also serves as a serious metaphor for the frail protagonist’s timidity and insecurity at the beginning of the match.

Education Games don’t offer pleasant gameplay or stories, but they do include a lot of valuable lessons that you should learn before you grow up. These lessons may occasionally be used in real life, so don’t be too concerned with the game’s gameplay and instead attempt to learn from Free Online Games.

It provides a summary of the game and helps you choose your favorite characters. So get over to KBH games and install this fantastic game.

How to Play:

  • WASD / Arrow keys to move the player
  • Left click on the little plus/minuses on screen to change the lambda/P parameters of the platforms
  • Try and make it to the blue wavy thing at the end of the level


Educational Puzzle