Snap the Shape Spring

Snap the Shape Spring is a game created by assembling jigsaw puzzles, players will base on the given shapes to arrange in empty boxes at the request of the designer.

About game

Snap the Shape Spring is dubbed as one of the games created by a lot of designers’ creativity in Tetris. It is inspired by two game genres, which are assembly and puzzle, so your task in this game is to assemble shapes from different blocks, you have to find the right numbers to arrange if No, it will ruin everything.

The game Snap the Shape Spring requires you to be extremely delicate and careful because just a small mistake can affect your whole match. Winning from the game, you will unlock a new character, there will be a total of 30 characters for you to explore. When you unlock all the characters, that’s when you win the game.

There is a trick of the game Snap the Shape Spring is that when you put the blocks in the correct position, the eye of the block will open. If it is not open or blurred, you have misplaced the block. Figure. To be able to experience this exciting game, visit the Tetris Games website to be able to experience the game, and you will know many other games.


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