Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a three-dimensional multiplayer kart battle game. To win, drive your go-kart, collect weaponry, and blow up other karts!

About game

Smash Karts has several maps to explore. Every public game you play will award you with XP, which you can then spend to level up. Play games to gain experience points. In 3 minutes of kart-smashing madness, compete against other players in the arena.

As you go through the levels, you will be rewarded with cash, headgear, wheels, and character tokens. Character tokens may be used in the reward machine to unlock additional characters of varying rarity levels. Continue to play Smash Karts Online to level up and get access to new characters and rewards.

Drive through the question mark squares to collect random weaponry and power ups. Rockets, machine guns, and impenetrable mines are among the weapons available. Get in your kart and start causing havoc!

Choose from a wide range of minifigures and weird karts. In the customization option, you may change the look of your kart and character. There’s a great range of karts, characters, headgear, and Christmas things there! Download Smash Karts games and enjoy it with your friends.