Scrawler is a hilarious spoof of paper drawing style medieval excursions that involves a grouchy black slime who gets drawn into a bizarre video game world by mistake.

About game

Scrawler may not love his adventure, you will have a great time adventuring, solving riddles, facing bosses, and interacting with NPCs. He’s not your typical heroic gameplay lead, thus his perspective also on the world or how he interacts with obstacles on his path to freedom are a welcome difference from works of Link. This all adds up to a genuinely unique game in all Puzzle Games which you’ll appreciate the experience more.

Scrawler takes you on a gloriously hilarious miscalculation in a campy virtual world with a “boiling line” graphic style inspired by Home Movies and Ed, Edd, and Eddy. It recounts the story of the slime, a grouchy bald man who is inexplicably transported into a Zelda-like game world via the Game Pyramid machine . That, however, may indeed be easier this way!

It is available to download now thanks to the author’s instructions, to do so please visit the Scrawler Online website for a helper kit that will guide you through the mod download process.