Pop Us 3D!

Pop Us 3D! boasts a smart blend of creature creation and block-based puzzles. You pop round blocks and shatter all blocks in the shape as quickly as possible.

About game

Pop Us 3D! are given a little creature shape and a number of different colored circular block pieces to place within the shape. You will lose the match if you do not pop all of the blocks within the limited time. But if you become used to the game, it will be quite easy for you.

These Arcade Games are clever and addicting mash-ups of two very distinct genres that result in a frantic shape experience. See how quickly you can pop all of the blocks in the allotted time!

Free Online Games are excellent for those who are under a lot of stress. Please keep this in mind when attempting to rack up as quickly as possible. To download and play this game, go to their website KBH games.


Arcade Casual