Paramyst: Breach

Paramyst: Breach is a terrifying first-person horror movie that traps you within just a lumber dwelling filled with violent clay.

About game

Paramyst: Breach is the reason for your coming may differ from event to event, one factor remains constant: This game is terrifying! You’ll seek for clues, solve riddles, and cope also with claymation monoliths as you roam the mansion.

The music design is also rather haunting, and the demo’s primary problem is quite clever, allowing for a more intellectual approach than other horror games. It’s a Puzzle Games exciting story that makes excellent use of short animated animation and a wooden townhouse environment.

It’s not only the graphics that stand out. Please keep this in mind when attempting to rack up a score as conceivable at Free Online Games. To install and play the game, go to KBH games website.

How to Play:

  • Click on an item to pickup
  • Click on an interactable to show a text / read a clue
  • Click on an item in an inventory to drag it and interact with it.
  • Hint:
  • Collect as many as you can bullets. You will need it in the end.