Noob Adventure

Noob Adventure is a yet another version for the well-known 8-bit game. The main concept since one of the characters is fighting.

About game

Noob Adventure is both entertaining and tough at times. Set out into an adventure across three realms (castle, cave, and ice temple) filled with obstacles and riddles that will test you at every turn. Those who enjoy pixel games, such as those found on 8 or 16 bit consoles, would enjoy this game. Fans of Minecraft, Sokoban, and puzzle games in general. Three different locales – 30 different levels – A game with pixel art – Interesting and difficult problems.

If you’ve tried a lot of alterations in this movie and are consequently familiar with those classics, try Noob Adventure. It will provide you with a new viewpoint on the gaming of Puzzle Games. Many people are fully aware of that kind of mod, but because of its uniqueness, they want to utilize it as soon as possible.

Noob Adventure is gaining popularity among gamers. You can test it out over the Noob Adventure Online website to get a sample for it, and if you enjoy it, people can download it right here. The mod will also be downloaded shortly if you follow the creator’s instructions.

How to Play:

  • Smartphone/Tablet:
    • touch control
  • PC: 
    • WASD = Move, Space = Attack