No Passport

No Passport is a brief but outstanding mystery escapade including an excellent crossword puzzle graphic design.

About game

No Passport is surprising, for a piece inspired first person puzzle platformer, the puzzles aren’t the major draw of the game – the visual design is. Because you’re not being hounded by obnoxious police, the environment is a black and white like the 1970s with creepy NPCs. The entire universe is made up of jigsaw pieces. There are also hidden collectibles to discover, promoting experiments.

A full playthrough of No Passport will take just 10 to 15 minutes, and you only need a very low PC to keep a stable refresh rate, but it’s a real treat worth checking out. We’d love to see something like these Puzzle Games more, since the brief progress we have made in this realm was quite fun. The gameplay and problem techniques are straightforward: you traverse a jigsaw-themed universe, platforming riddles using giant components and a patchwork pistol. As unlocked, this jigsaw pistol may shoot numerous bits to help you solve puzzles along the way.

It is now accessible for release as a result of the editor’s advice, to be here, please click their No Passport Online website for an assist kit which might take you through to the modded release procedure.