My Adventure Book 2

My Adventure Book 2 is a whimsical and surreal cartoon-style point-and-click adventure in which a young kid enters a fascinating realm of imagination and strange animals after reading religious books.

About game

My Adventure Book 2 builds up to be a great game. The artwork is stunning, the riddles are clever, and the strange animals you encounter are all unforgettable.  It will provide you with a new viewpoint on the gaming of Puzzle Games.

In My Adventure Book 2, you must now navigate a succession of gorgeous hand-drawn scenarios loaded with riddles, unusual landscapes, and some pretty strange characters. Many people are fully aware of Free Online Games, but because of its uniqueness, they want to utilize it as soon as possible.

You can get a taste of it by visiting the KBH games website, and if you like it, you can install it from here. If you fulfill the founder’s advice, the version will be downloaded momentarily.


Adventure Puzzle