Minetris is the newest game on Tetris Games, a gameplay for boys that can then be found in the Minecraft tournaments department.

About game

Minetris is a fun game in which you assist the main character of the popular game Minecraft in collecting bricks while playing tetris. The rules will be plain and straightforward. You will earn points if you can gather horizontal lines. Try to arrange the bricks firmly; the entire game depends on it; if you start constructing wrongly, you will have to restart the game.

The more points you collect, the faster your level rises and your blocks collapse. At greater levels, it will be really tough to play; you will also need to employ optimum dexterity and response time; only in this manner will you be able to collect a large number of marks.

Minetris Tetris Online is a popular game among modern gamers due to its easy download and online play. This game is available at Tetris Games. When you play this game, you will feel something absolutely unique and interesting.


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