Mewtrix is a Tetris-style game. Mewtrix blends simple-to-learn but difficult-to-master puzzle gameplay with the enthralling world of multicolored kitties!

About game

Mewtrix is a place where you may interact with bright and adorable cats! This game, which adds a minor twist to the match-3 genre, will quickly become one of your favorites. Gorgeous cats, with their huge eyes and gorgeous features, are just going to have to wait for someone like you to play with them.

Mewtrix (Tetris) Online‘s purpose is to match three or more cats of the same color to keep them from filling the screen. You may play this game by using the arrow keys. To begin, press the play button. The three kittens will begin to fall from the top of the screen as the game begins. When they reach the bottom of the screen, three more arrive at the top. Try to group kittens of the very same color together.

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Puzzle Tetris