Lumpty Tetris

Lumpty Tetris is a timeless classic that you’ll want to play again and again. It may not have the visuals of today’s video games, but there’s something addictive about it that makes you want to play it again and again.

About game

Lumpty Tetris game is a little unusual. It does not let you store any forms for later use, and it does not play the Tetris theme tune. So, if you’re usually annoyed by that tune, you might want to play Tetris here. You may also play using your keyboard or mouse on this website.

If you wish to play with the mouse, you must drag the pieces to the region where you want to utilize them. Drag the form by clicking and dragging it. Unlike the first choice, you may choose how much you wish to wager to begin playing. Most games need you to start at particular stage one and work your way up. If you like, you may start at level 10 right now.

This Lumpty Tetris Online website may not have as many choices available as the first, but it started playing Tetris Games without really being distracted by music. You will not need to input any personal details since you will not be required to establish an application.


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