Kick the Dummy

Kick the Dummy is a game that will relieve your tension by providing you with all of the resources necessary to murder the dummy in a variety of innovative ways.

About game

Kick the Dummy is a linen puppet with cotton filling and selector switch serving as eyes. You may aim at Dummy and then click the mouse to carve a knife into his body. You may believe this is harsh, and Dummy will cry in agony or terror. In fact, possesses a unique healing talent.

The sound in the Simulation Games is also quite engaging. The entire game is vibrant, and I am confident you will like it greatly. So you may kick Dummy with all your might and let it all out on him. No one will expect you to be a gentleman here. Simply be yourself!

Download the game at KBH games, after the program is installed, you may use it whenever you want. These Free Online Games download have the power to turn a bad day into a good one. This should help to relieve your exhaustion and stress.


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