Ketris Tetris

Ketris Tetris is a 2D tetris game that is extremely addicting. Make order out of chaos by arranging the blocks and destroying the layers with a single piece. How far can you push yourself?

About game

Ketris Tetris playing area is 10×20. Your aim is to stack tetrominoes and clean lines as long as possible. To do so, cover a full horizontal line with blocks, forcing those lines to vanish and providing you extra area to stack.

To play more matches and get higher points, you must stack your blocks imaginatively and erase as many lines as possible with each piece you set down. It helps to comprehend how to accomplish this if you are familiar with the game’s core concepts.

The order in which you acquire blocks is entirely arbitrary. Because the sequence modifies what you can do next, it makes the experience perpetually replayable. In addition, the faster you compete, the faster the bricks fall.

Ketris Tetris Tetris Online is a traditional Tetris game with additional game options. Start the Tetris games on your Desktop computer and use your best abilities to accurately position all of the blocks. Fill the horizontal line by rotating, moving, and switching blocks. Have fun playing Tetris on Tetris Games!


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