Impostor Royal Solo Kill

Impostor Royal Solo Kill is a fun 2D game with a pixel graphic style that looks excellent, fluid gameplay, plenty of weapons, and a few shocks.

About game

Impostor Royal Solo Kill pits you against a character from the famous game Among Us. A disturbed individual incarcerated in an underground cell is one of the most striking elements.

In Impostor Royal Solo Kill, you must kill everything you see and scoop up any adjacent box to increase your strength and gain a large number of bonus points. These 2D pixel Arcade Games will undoubtedly transport players to the past.

Free Online Games should never be missed. At the end of the game, the surprise is always disclosed. Utilize KBH games to play this wonderful game.

How to Play:

Use mouse or touch pad or W,A,S,D (arrow keys) and space to play this game.


Action Arcade