Fruit Tetris: Match 4 Puzzle

Fruit Tetris: Match 4 Puzzle is an interesting fruit puzzle game with the appearance of many sweet fruits and trees. It will take you to the enchanted forest.

About game

Fruit Tetris: Match 4 Puzzle is made up of thirty stages in which you must line up fruits in columns of three or even more pieces. This is important in order to progressively remove them from the area and free up some space. It is critical to pay close attention to the mission displayed on the right in order to ascertain what type of fruit to harvest.

It is important to form rows of four or more fruits, and it makes no difference whatever way you do it. It doesn’t matter if you form lines or columns; the main goal is to wipe apples or other sweets off the field and so win points. To become the champion of Fruit Tetris: Match 4 Puzzle, you must complete all of the stages.

There are also several aid tools available when playing Fruit Tetris: Match 4 Puzzle Online, such as axes, back buttons, and so on. These goods serve as the foundation for you to be able to accomplish the level at various levels. Don’t forget to complete daily activities or spin the wheel of fate to obtain enticing rewards. Don’t worry about the challenge of the game. Click on the Tetris Games page to try it out and find out more information.


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