Free Tetris

Free Tetris where the blocks are progressively diminishing. That whenever a block reaches the bottom, it will remain there.

About game

Free Tetris is an addicting puzzle game that you will thoroughly love. Your basic aim is straightforward: clear all visible obstacles and go to the next level. Lines will be eliminated when there is no more space with both them. To win, try to fill the geometric shapes with blocks. If there is no room for a block from the top, your game is ended. The Free Tetris Online game provides a fantastic experience in which you will lose track of time.

Whenever you play this free tetris multiplayer game, it might be extremely easy to match the squares. The blocks appear to fit together rather nicely. But be cautious! Just when you think you’ve finished the level, you’ll be confronted with a slew of blocks that don’t appear to fit together. When this transpires, try to keep focused.

Tetris and other puzzle games help to develop critical brain abilities such as problem solving, quickness of thought, and flexible thinking. Play Tetris Games online on a daily basis to help your brain!


Puzzle Tetris